Friday, October 8, 2010

People are BUZZaring about:

The Buzz around the viral neck of the woods is about Vashtie Kola and her Air Jordans. I love it, because I love Vashtie. The first time I saw her, online of course, was on the arm of my teenage crush Pharrell Williams. I don't know about Pharrell, but I remember she was wearing an electric teal dress embellished with fringe tassels. My first thought wasn't "Who is this girl with my boyfriend-in-my-head?". Because one that would be psycho and two for a few seconds Pharrell was irrelevant. I simply thought "Who is this girl?". Shortly after, my Vashtie fascination began. She's cool for so many reasons, but here's a few if you're totally unfamiliar with her.
She's a tomboy. It's very hard to pull off the dressing down thing. And Vashite does it like no other. If you Google her, more than a few images will come up where she's wearing a basic hoodie, t-shirt, and jeans combination. 

"She got her own". Video director and owner of the clothing line Violette. Vashtie is what most would call an independent woman. I find this admirable. Before she and Pharrell were an item, she was in the process of making a name for herself. See her work for Justin Bieber here.
 The girl has great taste in movies. Before I knew who the ladies of Grey Gardens were she declared their documentary as one of her favorites when she used it as an ad for her clothing line. 

 She throws wildly popular parties in NYC. Both Open which she throws with Q-Tip and "1992" which is thrown with her best friend bring out the greats like Maxwell, Kid Cudi, Mick Jagger, Patrick Ewing and more. Isn't name dropping great :)!

 She's the first woman to design a pair of Air Jordans. On Vashtie mentions "Growing up in the hood. Nikes were king, but Jordans were a whole other level. They were so expensive and their price made them out of reach as a poor kid. As soon as I got old enough to afford them, I went in!". I think pining for a specific item, buying it, and then later creating your own defines success. 

If you think I left out any reasons that validate the Downtown Sweetheart's coolness feel free to add on. 

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