Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Naturally Happy

Photo Credit: IMDB for Nana Hill
Photo Credit: Michaela angel Davis

Today is "Happy Black Girl Day", the internet holiday started by Sister Tojldah. I love the concept of "Happy Black Girl Day" and I also love that a lot of its supporters on Twitter have amazing natural healthy manes.

The time, money and thousands of different hairstyles we create for ourselves confirms that hair is a big part of our lifestyles as Black women. When it comes to Black hair we're almost like Zebras. We're all the same. But we all have different hair textures which results in different styles. The style I see the least and seems to get a bad rap is natural hair.

Although I personally love it, I will admit that I frequently dabble in the use of a hot comb, weave, and in my younger days braids.

 I recently went natural and even though  it was only for a few hours I loved every second of it. I felt free when my hair was in its natural state and missed my curls after they were straightened.

There's controversy surrounding natural hair. But it is beautiful. Since "Happy Black Girl Day" is here there's no turning back. This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate Black hair by shining light on those who wear it well. If you have any questions or the slightest bit of interest in natural hair KimmayTube should serve as a great catalyst.


Anonymous said...

I am natural. It is not for everyone. We have to do what makes her happy. For me it is about accepting what God gave me.

Lolade said...

im tryna get my hair natural atm..growing out the relaxer/perm..under soome weave! lool

check my blog

The Bazaar Collection said...

"under some weave" girl me too lol.