Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beauty Vitamins

Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual has a section in her book that provides readers with great tips on living a healthy lifestyle. She states how this healthy lifestyle directly impacts how you look and feel. There are certain nutrients that are important for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails. These nutritents include vitamin A, B, C, D, E and healthy Fats. If you're like me and is not a fan of taking vitamins in the pill form, you can get your vitamins in the foods that you eat.

Down below are the different vitamins and a few examples of foods for each:

Vitamin A
- raw carrots
- sweet potatoes
- cantaloupe, apricots, and mangoes

Vitamin B
- whole grain cereal
- berries
- green leafy vegetables
- eggs
- soy beans

Vitamin C
- oranges, grapefruits
- spinach, broccoli, tomatoes

Vitamin D
- fish oils (salmon)
- milk
- mushrooms
- yogurt

Vitamin E
- nuts (almonds)
- avocado
- berries

- avocado
- fatty fish
- coconut


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