Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Wolfman

Yesterday, TBC met with the Guts and Guile creator and decided to catch up on Benicio Del Toro's latest film The Wolfman

Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro), who is  jokingly referred to as the Prodigal Son, returns to his English home after his brother has been savagely murdered. While there, he vows to stay until he finds who or what is at fault.  In the midst of of finding the truth in a Gypsy camp he's attacked. And while healing in his father's (Anthony Hopkins) home, he is faced with the stark past of his mother's death, an insane asylum, and his feelings toward his father. From there the movie takes a few twists and turns that aren't expected. 

While she thought the film was unimpressive, I was was actually engaged. Where she found faults in the Werewolf costume, I was intrigued and while I jumped she laughed. Maybe this is because, the closet thing I've seen to a Werewolf film is Michael Jackson's Thriller, and the smallest things give me cause to cover my eyes. Either way... It seems if you don't have too much experience with the monster that's created with the arrival of a full moon this movie is a good starter. But, if you've seen your share of scary movies stay away from The Wolfman, you'll probably be entertained but, for all of the wrong reasons. 

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