Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All Pinned Up Art Collection at CSULB

TBC got a chance to speak with  artist Ashleymarie Sey DeBondt, from the "All Pinned Up" group art show. She discussed the concept of the collection, her favorite piece, and future showings. 

You can see this show at California State University, Long Beach in the Dutzi Gallery from February 14-18th. Gallery hours are mon-thurs 12pm-5pm, Wed 12pm -7pm.

TBC: Where did the concept from "All Pinned Up" come from?

ASD: The theme for the show came from my love from the classic American pin up art and it's evolution into it's own genre. I wanted fellow artists like myself to push our own styles and interpretations of the phrase "All Pinned Up" and see what results came from it. Needless to say, the results were quite pleasing.

TBC: What artists are involved?

ASD: All artists in this show are or have been a [CSULB] Art major (mostly Illustration, Animation, some Drawing & Painting and one Sculpture major who decided to do her first 2D piece).

Here are the artists that participated, in no particular order:
Ashleymarie Sey DeBondt, Jacqueline Monroe, Jonathan Kiser, Cyndee Barber, Jamyla O'Neil, Daniel Adoff, Jenna Puente, Diana Mordin, Marcus Johnson, Vincent Lee, Mariya Suzuki, Kate Gorrell, Shawn Braden, Nancy Chiu, Ian Montelongo, Jennie Cotterill, Steve Tran, Michael R. Leon, Darren Vandercapellen, Jasmine Gagnier, Stacy Moffatt, Dustin Burkes-L., Walter Mencia, Greta Schimmel, Josh Davis, Stephanie Sherwood, Daniel Padron, Jarrett Csupo, and Steven Pillai.

TBC: What's your favorite piece from the collection and why?

ASD: Wow, honestly the whole show is my favorite piece from the collection. The result of what everyone came up with is the ultimate collaboration piece that I am completely enchanted with. We would not have had such a great show with the high quality and talent that was exhibited for this show. I am proud to say I was apart of this show, and that the work shown is of my fellow artists and illustrators.

TBC: Where can we see your work next?
ASD: Well, the next place you can see my work is going to be in the "Fairytale" show, exhibiting in the Merlino Gallery at CSULB. My friend and fellow colleague, Jacqueline will be curating the show and I will be assisting her in the endeavor. The reception will be Sunday, March 14 from 5pm - 7pm.