Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Open Love Letter to Alex Prager

We're quite sure you've noticed that TBC doesn't shy away from the expression of love. Alex Prager's art has been catching our eye since 2006 and we don't want to be coy about the obsession anymore. We want the L.A. native to bring her show back home. Maybe this letter will be luring enough to do the trick... we hope. 

Dear Alex, 

There's a luring mystery behind your photographs that we just can't get enough of. Maybe it's the waxiness of the models skin, the different body types used, their daring poses, vintage clothes, or faux hair. Whatever it is, the concept works.

Being original is hard these days and we love you for steering clear of generic. Yet, you understood that it's important for your work to be gentle on the eyes which avoids confusion. We're looking forward to seeing these photographs in person one day! Till then we'll quietly comb through the corners of the web to find more of your work. 

All The Best,
The Bazaar Collection

Btw, we're suffering from location envy. If you're in New York go see her collection, we'll live vicariously through you! 

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