Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rag and Bone Fall 2010 READY-TO-WEAR

Fall 2010 READY-TO-WEAR is all about layering and menswear. And designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwritght of Rag and Bone did not disappoint. Their inspirations for their collection were Scottish Highlanders layering for an urban battle and “crazy English guys who climbed Mount Everest in the twenties in tweed.” Every look was multifaceted, models were layered to a delightful degree, and had pieces that could be worn straight off the runway; which who doesn’t love that. You saw all this and more with their first look that hit the runway; blue plaid shirt worn under a gray wool vest with a knit kilt, plaid scarf, cashmere legwarmers and tall black combat boots.  The parade of hits continued with knit jackets, ponchos, leather dresses, blazers, shirt dresses, men’s cardigans and surplus of other separates. There's something there for everyone in this collection. This being Rag and Bones first womenswear- only show they did an amazing job, many believe this is their best yet. 

 Below are more looks from the collection as well as a video:

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