Saturday, March 27, 2010

On Our Radar: Alexis Bittar

Alexis Bittar caught our attention with a poster featuring Joan Collins for his Spring 2010 collection. His jewelry  has a lot of detail and colors that pop. If you have a fat bank account head over to the site and shop away. If not, all is well, you can admire the beauties like we are. See our favorite pieces below. 

1. Crystal Tribal Bib $1250.00
2. Large Gold Montauk Turq. Ikat Hinge Bracelet $575.00
3. Large Gold Vedome Cuff $295.00
4. Extra Large Gold Montauk Coral Ring $295.00
5. Gold Secret Garden Drop Earring $195.00

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Breathless Ms. Seberg said...

I tried one of the Montauk rings on the other day at one of his stores and my tiny little finger buckled under the weight and beauty! I also saw in a newsletter the other day that they're giving away some of those posters on their website! Oh, to have a framed Joan poster hanging in my closet...


Ms. Seberg

The Bazaar Collection said...

Haha the rings are too gorgeous? And we're going to look into the giveaway. I really love that they used her. I hear it was the creator of Bijules idea to use Collins, not sure if it's true though.

I got a chance to hold the tribal necklace while I was interning. That picture seriously does not do it justice!!