Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kayce by Day Sunni Ali Ber by Night

We aren't sure if we can list this as a hobby, but style scouting is one of our favorite things to do before we venture off to morning classes. Our eyes endlessly wander around campus for people with style worthy to be shot by the Sartorialist yet still conscious about being dressed appropriately for school. Monday morning we spotted Kayce, a seemingly friendly student with beaucoup fashion sense. The only problem was we were ill equipped to capture his outfit... the camera was still sitting in a purse from the previous day! However, he was willing to meet us later. Wednesday swiftly approached with plans to track the guy with indelible style down. Until he told us he "wasn't really dressed up today". At first, a slight sense of melancholy began to move in until we remembered that dressing down doesn't always mean that one's style vanishes. Turns out, Kayce's idea of "not dressed up" is more impressive than the average student (see Wednesday's outfit above). Here's where the interesting part comes in, this style maven is an artist that goes by the name of Sunni Ali Ber. Although he's currently labeled as underground, we'd be willing to bet that label will change in the near future. His songs aren't shallow, the music is interesting enough to keep our attention which says a lot, and his "flow" mirrors the likes of Lupe Fiasco and The Cool Kids. What's unique about him is he's more than music. With style, brains (a sophomore civil engineering major with junior credits) and talent you seriously cannot go wrong. Sunni Ali Ber will be releasing a mixtape titled Cake & Candle Wax. We'll be sure to feature it once it arrives but click here until it's ready to be served.

By the way, we think the late King would totally approve of the Kayce using his name :).


nachelle said...

Kayce!! He has really transformed his fashion sense.

The Bazaar Collection said...

For the win :)