Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oprah is a Little Monster

It seems like Oprah Winfrey will join Lady Gaga's army of Little Monsters. Winfrey will be interviewing Gaga tomorrow along with director James Cameron. Don't believe us? Here's proof:

Honestly were kind of thrilled and nervous to see this appearance. Gaga brings the weirdness in almost any space she enters. Exhibit A. The Bloody VMA's Performance. Exhibit B. Her interview with Barbara Walters... Shall we go on...

We hope she channels Winfrey's image and dresses up in a Classic Oprah ensemble just as she did on 20/20.

What's your favorite Gaga moment? Sound Off!

1 comment:

dez said...

hahhaahhaah omgosh i wanna see what she gon wear becasue oprah winfrey HHHIIGHHHKEY PUTS PEOPLle on blast if u ever notixced that lol