Friday, January 22, 2010

Corrine Bailey Rae Presents The Sea

A soft voice full with personality croons over mellow harmonies and a rhythmic beat " Never mind what they say. I would feel the same. Feels like the first time when you kissed me my lover. Fingers in the sky... Our love is hard to describe..."

With a new hairdo, Corrine Bailey Rae returns to the music scene with her sophomore album The Sea. Like her self titled album Corrine Bailey Rae, the songstress offers romantic lyrics with relaxing instrumentals. The Sea has its share of songs that leaves traces of sadness and loss but, it also provides upbeat tunes fit for someone who just discovered love.

The Sea will grab your heart, ear and pocket book with one listen. It's a CD that should be added to all of our music collections.

Listen to a preview of the The Sea here

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