Friday, September 23, 2011

Awkward Black Girl

Dear Issa Rae,

Yesterday, I decided to engage in a bit of online humor and remembered the rave reviews I heard about your show via Clutch magazine. Within the first minute I was hooked. I laughed until the episode was over and repeated the same pattern until I realized I had completed the series in one sitting. Thank you for making  characters that I and so many others can relate to. Yes, I have tried to avoid making eye contact with someone I know while driving or walking down a hall way. Yes, I've pretended to search for that important "thing" in my car to avoid an awkward situation and although I've never faked a phone conversation I've certainly typed out a few fake text messages. We even share an obsession with Donald Glover. You get me and I get you! Awkwardness transcends race and gender and it's evident in your comedy. Like your producer said, "There's a little bit of awkward in all of us" and your show makes it that much cooler.

Another Awkward Black Girl Ericka

Watch the first episode of "Awkward Black Girl". By the way, It's not exactly safe for work.

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