Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rant Rave and Praise for Teen Vogue and Atuai Deng

picture credit: Fashion Africa

Today we stumbled across the new issue of Teen Vogue with Amanda Seyfried on the cover. We loved how the editors transformed her into a modern pin up and thought her Mui Mui heels were to die for. At the same time we breathed "ooohs and ahhhs" we despised the fact that they had an advert for Huge, a new show about an over weight young woman on one page and on the very next there was the tiniest  bombshell in a two piece bikini. (You have to see this for yourself to feel the outrage). We immediately thought "Teen Vogue, what exactly are you trying to say to your readers?". And more importantly what about the poor girl who was featured in the letters to the editor section. She just admitted that the Unhappy Meal article helped her uncover her diets for what they really were... eating disorders. We hoped that little advertising faux pas didn't send her into a relapse. But at the turn of a page all of our thoughts evaporated... and we saw the ethereal beauty from Sudan Ataui Deng! Teen Vogue is known for featuring the "it girl(s)". So we weren't too shocked to see the brown toned model flashing her bright smile. However, we can say we got a flash of anxiety! We're enthused about what's to come from Ms. Deng. She's already modeled for Proenza Schouler and walked for Malandria. So we know she'll carry on with the likes of Lopez and Dunn in the near future. But for now we'll just admire her flawless skin, girl next door smile, and ridiculously long legs in the new issue. If you don't have it yet take a gander at Deng below

photo credit: fashion records 


Morning Cloak said...

She's striking!

The Bazaar Collection said...

You have to see her shoot in the issue when you get a chance.

Leigh said...

She is beyond stunning!! I will definitely check it out as I think she would be a perfect subject for my latest commission.

Thank you and have a great weekend!


Margaret said...

:O amazing. love it
great blog :D
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

The Bazaar Collection said...

Hi Leigh, yes she is, and when your done we'd love to see it.

and Margaret thanks so much we def. will!!!

sarah said...

thank you for commenting my blog!

you're blog is nice. :)
I will follow you.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Oh my, she is stunning! Simply flawless. Such innocence, mystery, and glamour all rolled up into one.

Wonderful post!

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Anonymous said...
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The Bazaar Collection said...

ofcourse what's your blog link?

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